East Bay Coalition for the Homeless

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Jerry Ray
East Bay Coalition for the Homeless
100 Bullocks Point Avenue
East Providence, RI 02915
Telephone: (401) 437-5104

Website: www.eastbayhomeless.org

Housing Program

East Bay Coalition for the Homeless housing program provides apartments for homeless families with children, combined with case management and supportive services. The East Bay Coalition for the Homeless has 18 apartments in the East Bay area. They are located in East Providence, Warren and Bristol. Length of stay depends upon each family’s needs, and it is also determined by compliance to program criteria.

Rhode Island residents who meet the federal definition of homeless are eligible to apply.  Case management and support services are cornerstones to every family's success.   Our programs are designed to provide individualized support services to help families achieve and maintain financial stability. 

Contact: 401-437-0006 ext.141

Lead Education

Education and services are available to property owners and renters to help prevent childhood lead poisoning. Our staff is available to provide in-home assessments, provide information on lead safe home renovation work practices and assist homeowners and renters to identify and assist with available funding necessary to make property lead safe. Non-medical case management is available to families with children identified with elevated blood levels.

Contact: 401-437-0006, ext. 153 or email: leadinfo@ebcap.org