East Bay Skills Alliance

(formerly known as Newport Skills Alliance)

Jamoya Ridgell
EBSA Project Manager
19 Broadway
Newport, RI 02840
401.848.6697 ext. 205

East Bay Skills Alliance Informational Flyer - printable PDF  

Stacey Fisher
Case Manager
19 Broadway
Newport, RI  02840
401.848.6697 ext. 209

Winter 2015-16 CNA Class

Class of 2016: Students train to be Certified Nursing Assistants.  From left: Ayleen Alsina, Tanietha Washington, Heather Baker, Marcia Davis, Tanyalynn Free, and Shanette Johnson.  ("Patient" has been affectionately named "Miss Maddie" by the students) 


East Bay Skills Alliance (EBSA), a program of East Bay Community Action Program, is an interagency alliance of employers, industry associations, education and training providers, social/human service agencies and RI state agencies preparing, training and coaching Rhode Island residents for available in demand jobs with local employers. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of education, job training and support services to qualified Rhode Island residents so that they may achieve economic independence and participate fully in society.

The program has been thoroughly researched, and it offers a dual-customer (job seekers and employers) focused model for addressing Newport County’s unique and critical challenges to workforce development. More than a program for work readiness and placement, EBSA provides community-wide support systems that link contextualized education and training to post-secondary certifications, as well as to financial resources that make possible continued education and career path development opportunities. EBSA’s strategic goals are as follows:

(1) Ready Rhode Island unemployed and under-employed persons for high-demand jobs while simultaneously linking them with wraparound services and the workforce development system so that they can secure a family-sustaining wage with opportunities to continue to progress into higher careers;

(2) Address the educational challenges of individuals with contextualized, integrated programming so that they can complete a GED (if necessary) and move on to post-secondary education;

(3) Meet employer need for high demand job vacancies with qualified candidates; and

(4) Create a self-sustaining regional workforce development alliance of strategic local employers, education providers and state agencies.
Services Include:

• 5 weeks work readiness/soft skills training including contextualized math, reading and literacy
• Job tours, site visits, panel discussions
• Resume, interviewing development & impression management training
• Case management – participants meet with Career Advisor anager to create goals
• Wraparound services to assist with barriers (childcare, transportation, etc.)
• Performance-based grants
• Job searching/placement
• Coaching
• One year assistance post graduation

Rhode Island resident
Ages 18+
High School Diploma/GED for some programs

Hours and location
EBSA On-Ramp Training – 9am-3:30 pm, Monday-Friday, (location is determined depending on program)