Family Development

Family Development Program

The Family Development Program is a seamless array of high quality, coordinated family development services including: intake and screening; comprehensive assessment; effective system of goal setting for families with reportable outcome measures; coordination of community services; advocacy; ongoing monitoring and assessment and uniform termination and discharge procedures.

The Family Development Director coordinates with Family Advocates and their Leaders to identify the individual and group training needs of family advocate staff.

The following components are included in the Family Development Program:

-Senior Services Team
-Head Start Family Advocates
-Social Services/Safety Net Family Advocates
-Clinical Services for Youth staff serving Newport County
-Heating and Energy Family Advocates
-Youth Success Advocates
-Healthy Families America home visiting program
-Parents as Teachers Educators
- Victims of Crime Advocate

For further information please contact:
Seena S. Franklin
Vice President of Family Development
at (401) 437-0006, x150

Family Service Collaboration Project
A collaboration with the Newport School District

The goal of the Family Service Collaboration Project is to build family, school and community partnerships that support children's learning and adjustments to school. There are four Family Service Coordinators employed by East Bay Community Action Program that are housed at the following elementary schools:

Newport Public Schools: 
• Coggeshall Elementary School
• Cranston Calvert Elementary School
• Sullivan Elementary School
• Underwood Elementary School

Family Service Coordinators offer home visiting, promotion of activities to enhance family literacy and coordination of local social services. In addition, Family Service Coordinators provide activities to help insure that children and families have a smooth transition from the preschool years to the early elementary grades and from the elementary grades to middle school.

For further information on the Family Service Collaboration Project,
please contact: 
                        Nicole Silvia, LCSW
                        Underwood School
                        90 Harrison Avenue   
                        Newport, RI 02840 
                        Telephone: (401) 846-9590

Victims of Crime Act Program

EBCAP now provides specific services to victims of crime through the Victim of Crime Act program, funded by the RI Department of Public Safety. Members of the community that have been victims of crime recently or in the past can receive support from an advocate that will meet with them, gather information about the crime and their needs, and provide assistance. For more information go to our Victims of Crime Act page.