Parents As Teachers

Parents As Teachers

19 Broadway      
Newport, RI  02840
T: 401-847-7821
F: 401-324-6664

100 Bullocks Point Avenue
East Providence, RI  02915
T: 401-437-1000, ext. 128 or ext. 117
F:  401-324-6664

Parents as Teachers is a national, evidence-based family visiting program that provides free and voluntary support to families.  The program partners a Parent Educator with expectant mothers or families with young children (to two years of age) who provides home visiting services to the family and child until their child’s fourth birthday.  Parents as Teachers is a strengths-based model that focuses on the assets of each family. 

Program Goals

• Enrich parental knowledge of child development
• Strengthen positive parent-child relationships and parental resilience
• Enhance social connections
• Promote school readiness

Who We Serve

Expectant mothers and families with children to age two
Our family visiting program serves Rhode Island families who reside in East Providence, Bristol County (Bristol, Warren, Barrington), and Newport County (Newport, Jamestown, Middletown, Portsmouth, Tiverton, Little Compton).

What We Do

Parents as Teachers' mission is to provide the information, support, and encouragement parents need to help their children develop optimally during the early years of life.  Parents as Teacher’s program incorporates family visits and group connections to meet the needs of all participating families.

Personal Visits

Parent Educators are dedicated to forming lasting and personal relationships with families.  Personal visits build this rapport and include activities that promote child and family interactions, facilitate discussions that enhance parental understanding of child development, and promote family well-being.
Parent Educators provide links to community resources and assist families in identifying and reaching personal goals.

Group Connections

Parent group connections offer an opportunity to link with other families and natural support networks in the community.  The gatherings are interactive and may include a family activity, presentation, or socialization opportunity.

What You Should Do

Anyone may refer a pregnant woman or family with a child to the age of two to Parents as Teachers. Referrals are taken from:

• Healthcare and social service providers, including WIC, if they think an expectant mother would benefit from home visiting
• Schools
• Families (self-referrals or family member referrals)

If you are interested in participating in Parents as Teachers, would like to refer an expectant mother or family, or have questions about the program, please call East Bay Community Action Program at any of the numbers listed above.  Referrals may also be sent by fax:  401-324-6664